Faith and Caring

Growing up my family didn’t have much in terms of wealth or personal belongings.  We, however, have each other and to this day can turn to a family member for help. Early in my life my parents taught me the power of faith.  The belief that things will always work out and struggles are temporary.  They instilled in me the act of giving and generosity and being thankful for everything I have.

When I worked for the airline I had many difficult nights.  Regardless of how bad the day went, how late I was getting off work, how much I dreaded the job or how tired I was; I get off work, sit in my car for a few seconds before turning it on, and was thankful for the blessing and another day.  Yes, I was tired. Yes, I disliked my job. Yes, I need a change. However, through all that I was still thankful for my job, my health, my family, my friends, and everything I have. I don’t care for what I don’t have. I’m blessed for the things I do have.

Below is a small piece that I wrote a couple of years ago and read to myself on a regular basis.  I read it as a reminder to myself that struggles are temporary and faith is always tested.  Believing helps maintain focus and, to me, leads to a more balanced personal, spiritual and family life.

To some it is the conformity to the standard of right. It is a moral of excellence and virtue briefly abandoned by some; faltering to the confines of pressure caused by the virtueless. Walk the path of righteousness, help those in need, live a pure life. There may be dark days, stormy nights; if your faith tests your fear in darkness, then your faith will guide you to the light.

I find one of the best ways to lift the heart, brighten a day or regain focus is to give back to the community we live in or communities we serve.  In May my wife and I participated in the HearTest Yard + Showers 5K in Charlotte, NC. The 5K was in support of Levine’s Children’s Hospital to help raise money to meet the needs of and care for as many children affected by congenital heart diseases and disorders as possible. Below are pictures of my wife and I at the event and many thanks to Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers tight End, who tolerated my wife during the picture taking.  His family has been a great supporter of the event and outstanding citizens of the Charlotte community.

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