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Recipe of the month:  Jalapeño Burgers with a Mexican cheese blend and topped with mushrooms, bacon, Swiss and Havarti cheese.

Destination of the month:  Blowing Rock, NC.

Often in my newsletters you’ll see the acronym F.O.R.A.  So what is  F.O.R.A?  F.O.R.A is Fear of Real Estate Agents.  Sometimes the public will view a real estate agent as being someone pushy, too much of a sales person, doesn’t have your best interest, and the list can go on.  One example I use is for expired listings. Calling on homeowners, whether For Sale by Owner or expired listings, can be unethical and may be illegal.  If you are on the DO NOT CALL registry and they call you, they (the agents who call you) may be violating the law. I believe my customers and clients deserve better.  The words “Professionalism, Communication and Integrity” mean a lot to me.  Do you really want to do business with individuals who disrespect you and your time to get the listing? I speak for many of my colleagues when I say the industry has changed, for the the better, with more consumer protection.  

As a former Broker/Realtor in Florida many years ago I enjoyed helping my clients find their dream home or sell their current resident ( in many cases, both).  Now, as a Realtor® with the Huntersville, NC office of Allen Tate, I get a great deal of pleasure out of helping individuals and families locally with their real estate needs. Whether you are buying, selling, or planning relocating to a different state or country, the experience can sometimes be emotionally and physically draining.

Technology now makes it easier for you to stay ahead of the competition.  Whether you are buying or selling, if your agent is not using the latest technology to give you the advantage over your competition then you could be missing out.  

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